There has been many a new trend forecast for the upcoming Spring season, however the one I am most anticipating are the shoe styles currently dominating my instagram feed. I particularly like how high some of the styles go up the calf, there is something incredibly flattering about that. Not sure if the throwback to my ribbon bound ballet feet days of my childhood are what adds to the sense of whimsy I feel when seeing these gorgeous strappy sandles, but I want a pair, in every colour and for every occasion. Sure, these shoes might not be user friendly after a couple of glasses of chenin, but hell do they make for a gorgeous addition to any outfit. The feet are not where this trend ends though, my second favourite choice for an outfit update is to have a décolletage woven up with a couple of strands of thread. I personally am obsessed with suede tan or black versions of this look, because anything patterned can start looking dated, and not in that chic vintage type of way.

I’ve left some of my favourite items below, but as far as I know only the first pair (from Steve Madden) are currently available in SA.






*Disclaimer: none of these images are my own.

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a phenomenal day wherever you are XO Cait

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