Perfecting the Trout Pout

The struggle of avoiding looking like a hot mess after 3 cosmopolitans on a Friday night is real, and any self respecting woman knows to not bother slicking on a bright or bold lipstick before happy hour if she has any hope of looking decent come the end of the night. But thanks to these nifty tricks, you can afford to look sophisticated and boozed at the same time with no threat of smearing your lipstick and dignity all over the place. Watch and enjoy the wonderful tips and tricks I have included in my latest video, and remember, liquid lipsticks and their staying power are the one thing that won’t leave you come the end of the night (looking at you flakey friends and one night stands). I recommend the Rimmel Provocalips ones highly!

All jokes aside, I really do think that I manage to include every last trick I have up my sleeve for this video, and you can apply the rules I follow to any lip shade to ensure that the colour you apply is both long wearing and comfortable on the lip.

Hope you’re all having a magical Tuesday! XO Cait

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