Smashbox Cosmetics & the Covershot Palette Review

Hi friends,

It’s been more than a while since my last post. I am still learning how to juggle a full-time job and multiple platforms, as well as schedule and plan our first renovation (more on that later). Definitely getting there with practice though, and I must give a huge shout out to the cheerleaders in my life that are helping me along the journey.


Onto one very welcome distraction I had on Sunday: a haul of Smashbox goodies including the new electric Smashbox Covershot “Ablaze” pallette. I have been scoping our Edgars and Woolies counters for the last little while, hoping that I would find this funky little display, but only managed to first spot it at Edgars Canal Walk. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get a decent photo of the holographic effect on the front of the packaging, which when moved around, shows a scene of exploding shadows. A boomerang on my Instastories was the closest I got to making it look as epic as it does when you first pick it up.


The Covershot palettes go for R650 a pop which to me is an exceptionally good price point if you consider that each shadow is just over R80? I didn’t find it difficult to choose which of them I would most enjoy, “Ablaze” was a clear winner! There are 8 shades per palette, 2 larger “base” shadows and 6 “accent” colours, with seven palette options to choose from including:

  • “Golden Hour”: Creamy, lit-from-within shades, with one standout plum shade
  • “Metallic”: Fierce foiled finish, with a good mix of warm and cool tones
  • “Matte”: high-coverage, velvety every day colours including an inky black
  • “Softlight”: Soft-focus, pastel wearable shimmers
  • “Smoky”: Effortless and modern with jewel tones
  • “Bold”: Transformative and electrifying neon primary and secondary colours
  • “Ablaze”: Hot, desert-inspired shades with rust and brick undertones

There is a nice mix of mattes and shimmers in this particular palette, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of all of them.


For me the colour “Torch” in the “Ablaze” palette was the standout shadow which cinched the deal for me. It’s a gorgeous warm orange shimmer shade that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I used it on the centre of my lid and I absolutely love the shade!

One thing I was slightly bummed about when opening the packaging was that the one shadow was slightly damaged (Moccasin – top right) before I’d even had the chance to use it. The little dent of missing shadow wasn’t enough to warrant me returning it, but to a makeup junkie like me, it verged on sacrilegious. (Kidding – kind of…)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I used every shade in the palette for this look except Siesta, as I wanted to stick to the warmer tones only and found it a touch too pinky. I’m uploading a video on Thursday night on my channel and you will be able to see how wonderfully this blended together, particularly the deeper colours which normally tend to end up appearing the most patchy. No effort at all was required to make even the darkest of shadows look seamless and yet maintain the pigment. The shade names, colour spectrum and finish are listed below:

  • Relaxed (matte pinky beige) – used as lid clour
  • Moccasin (warm gold shimmer) – centre of lid to create gradient
  • Siesta (warm pink shimmer) – inner corner
  • Delirious (deep bronze shimmer) – outter and inner corners of eyes
  • Torch (warm orange shimmer) – centre of lid
  • Throwback (matte red clay) – transition shade in crease
  • Dark Horse (deep earth brown) – used to deepen inner and outter corners
  • Nirvana (red rock shimmer)

The palette comes with a quality decent size mirror which is an added bonus, and doesn’t have any applicator or brush (which to me is honestly a win because brands normally include ones of questionable quality). However, while I was on a test driving bender I thought I would pick up the Number 10 Eyeshadow  “Crease” Blending Brush because I’ve never owned one of their brushes. The bristles are incredibly soft and made from synthetic fibers so I’m expecting the shape and performance of this brush to be consistent after washes. It is ever so slightly too big for my preference for a crease brush, and I think I have a fair amount of real estate on my lids, so I’m not sure what someone with hooded eyes would make of this brush. I only used it to apply two shadows but it was nice enough and I’m sure I’ll get use out of it even if I convert it into my new highlighting brush for that area above the arch of your brow that sometimes takes a little more precision?



Having recently run out of my MAC Fix+, I needed to find another solution to set my makeup. I picked up the Smashbox Primer Water for R440.00, with the hopes that it would be comparable to my old faithful Fix+, and with the promise that it primes just as well as it sets I had high hopes for it. Personally I don’t use setting sprays daily, I use them on days when I need an extra couple of hours to my normal 8, when I’m looking super dusty from too many powders, or when I know there will be dancing around all night (somehow the extra barrier of a setting spray keeps the makeup from melting off). In terms of adding and boosting the hydration in my skin, it’s performed really well. Makeup glides on effortlessly over it, but it does ZIP for filling pores, which it wouldn’t as it says on the bottle that it is silicon free. It is  also alcohol and oil free so I suppose those are benefits in terms of skincare. I used a little with eyeshadow as well to see is it was effective in improving pigmentation and it really was, so as an all-rounder, this is quite a dynamic everyday product, I just hope I don’t go through it as quickly as I normally do with setting sprays because almost half a grand is priceyyyy!


Saving the best for last: the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in “Driver Seat” which cost R310.00. I deliberated on which colour in the range to choose from, but this gorgeous burnt rose colour ended up going so well with the eyeshadow look, that it almost looked planned! On both my light features and my moms dark features, this shade is exquisite. The formula has edged it into first place in terms of favourite liquid lipsticks, because it is air light on the lips, not sticky, flakey or transferable at all. I wore this for a few hours straight on two separate occasions and both times was so comfortable. There was no excessive lip drying and also no need to reapply, even after muching on food and sipping on cocktails. I’m now so tempted to go back and stock up on every single shade!!! (Next months paycheck…?)

Anyways, that’s it for this post, if there are any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section and keep your eyes peeled for this weeks video!

Lots of love,

Always, Cait X



5 thoughts on “Smashbox Cosmetics & the Covershot Palette Review

    1. Pretty unique hey!? I thought they were extremely well chosen! The browney looking one is so cool because it has this red undertone which shows up a lot more on the eyelid and pulls out the green and blue in your eyes 😀

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