Top drawer pencils

I caught myself looking at my perspex makeup holder on my vanity recently and thinking back to my university days, a time synonomous with winged liner, and how my makeup style has evolved since then. Recently, I have veered away from using pencils for my brows (more about that another time), but I still use lipliners and eyeliners in my routine on a daily basis. There is a fair amount of competition these days in the pencil/liner world, every brand claims to have the most pigmented, blendable, long-wearing formula to date, but truth be told, I can always tell the top performers by what is within arms length when getting ready in a rush in the morning. The sacred top drawer of my vanity is home to but a few makeup items due to its limited space, so if there is a regular appearance from any of my products, I know that it falls firmly into my ‘favourites’ category.

Let me introduce you to my top drawer current brand picks:

(Clockwise bottom to top, full size image at bottom of post)

A. NYX Lipliner – ‘Pinky’ – whether they are automatic or ones that require sharpening, NYX is sensational with the colour selection and pigmentation of their lip pencils. I don’t find them the longest wearing out of them all but they certainly are my go-to for unique colour combinations.

B. LA Girl – ‘Natural’ – Okay, I told myself I wasn’t going to pick a favourite, but if I had to choose only one from this group, this is the guy. The longevity, tone and performance of this lip liner, available in both automatic and normal pencils, is unparalleled. I often wear this shade all over my lips to work and get a compliment almost every time. It lasts me more than half the work day and the colour is literally the same as my natural lip so the name and shade is spot on for me! Honestly, all the pencils in their range are pretty great, the only one I have ever battled with is the dark plum, which I found patchy and crumbly.

C. Essence – ‘Cute Pink’ – The best budget option available is by far Essence. Even compared to higher end options, I still reach for these creamy formulas over the pricier pencils. This shade in particular is a nice muted pink option for days when you want a lip with subtle sass.

D. Essence – ‘Silky Nude’ – It shouldn’t surprise you that Essence eyepencils are almost as good as the lip pencils. Generally I prefer the gel formula to the waterproof formula, but although this particular shade is the latter, it was a winner for me from the start. This is a must for tough Monday mornings, like the one I had today, when you need a touch of makeup to fake a restful sleep.

E. MAC – ‘Boldly Bare’  – A firm favourite in my handbag, I can always rely on MAC to give me a shade that pairs well with most of my nude lipsticks. I tend to find the formula a little stiff for my preference, but it seems to me that this contributes to their abilty to last forever. I swear I have owned some MAC lipliners for 5 years or more and they look brand new. This brand is a fail safe for any lip combination you need so will always feature in a top drawer somewhere.

F. Essence – ‘In the Nude’ – I have to level with you, not many Essence products are my favourites, except for these liners! This is another firm favourite which has the perfect neutral peachy undertone – perfect for wearing alone or layered under other products

G. LA Girl – ‘Party Pink’ – I favour pinks over reds for the most part, and this blue undertoned shade was the perfect pairing to a recent look I did on my channel, inspired by patrick Ta. Again, in risk of sounding like a broken record, the formula and wear time of these cheaper lipliners always tend to out perform the pricier versions!

H. Body Shop – ‘Rosey Red’ – For a reliable, everyday pencil, the Body Shop has a humble collection for the low maintainance girl. I don’t find the pigment to be outstanding, but it suffices for underneath a stonger lip colour as a dependable contributor.

I. Catrice – ‘Very Berry – The lip product section at the Catrice counter can be a bit hit-or-miss, however these lip liners have always been fail safe options with impeccable pigment. This shade I wear comfortably on it’s own without it bleeding and traveling around my face.


As you can tell, I favour liplipers and love their long-wearing ability and the ease of getting a precise application, even if you’re decafinated and it’s 6am. Do you have any top drawer favourites? If so leave them below so I can add them to my collection!

Lots of love,


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