Big Blouses

So, I used to think the big shoulder pad trend of the ’80s was beyond dated and totally not for me. These days though, you can find me on the constant hunt for the biggest sleeve silohettes I can find. I have already waxed lyrical about my love for the bell sleeve, but I have to say that in 1st place is this wrap over style I picked up at Topshop a little while ago. I love the crisp white because I feel you can see the architecture of the sleeves a lot better than if it were in a dark or patterned fabric. These are not the most practical tops when it comes to layering, because it is not likely that you will get your arm through a cardigan with this style top, and if you did it would probably look like a python had swallowed a buck – which is definitley not the look you are going for. I feel like it would be a shame regardless to cover something of this nature up – one just has to be strategic about which days to wear it on, so best to keep a close tab on Accuweather with this type of get up.


My favourite way to pair this look at the moment is with statement earrings and hair slicked back. This is not a wallflower top, so I feel like choosing another key statement piece to pair with this is essential, even if it is just a great makeup look, otherwise the whole look doesn’t tie itself together as well. As the top is so voluminous, I like to structure it with something with a simpler shape on the bottom, most often jeans or trousers, but this look can look sensational with a full bodied skirt too.

Let me know if you’ve also fallen for this trend, and if so what your favourite ways are to wear this trend!

Till next time honeys, lots of love always,


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