EverPro Back 2 Blonde Root Retoucher Review

Well frankly I am stumped at this one guys! I thought I was going to share a very critical post with you today about a product I picked up that I wouldv’e put money on was going to fail. I was wrong.


As a b(l)each blonde gal, there is a certain hair care cycle that one has to stick to in order for ones hair not to end up looking like a total disaster. Frequent trips to a salon or at home treatments to top up colour and keep the brassiness at bay is as high maintainance as it gets. The expense of preserving a perfect blonde can also be enough to break the bank, but the biggest insult up until now for me has been the fact that sometimes the timing of your regrowth really doesn’t gel with last minute events. On more than one occassion I have cringed at the idea of attending an event when my roots are so badly outgrown that people keep glancing up to my scalp.


Enter, the root retoucher. So, I have long known that there are options in the market for temporary quick fixes for roots, however most of them have historically been geared toward brunettes with grey regrowth. I would assume using a dark pigment spray over the grey would be a far easier feat then trying to lighten a dark root with a pale shade? Regardless, I saw Eva Longoria advertising the L’Oreal Retouch recently and thought I would give this whole idea a bash. I bought the Light Blonde one from the L’Oreal range for around R90.00 from Clicks and test drove it the night before a scheduled hair wash so that I could wash it out if it looked ridiculous. Now I am only telling you about this product first so as to guard you from picking it up, because my word was this a total mess. The colour that comes out definitely masks the line between blonde and brown with a blanket of pigment, but the effect it imparts is that your regrowth that looked kinda bad, now looks REALLY bad. For dramatic effect I have included a photo of what the roots looked like after below:


So having tried and hated the L’Oreal version (thanks Eva), I was intrigued by the Everpro one which was far pricier – R225.00 – at Clicks. They also sell the pigment in a tub version as well as the aerosol for the same price, which is supposedly geared towards giving you greater control over the application. Due to the fact that my hair is so starkly dyed white and my roots are literal poo brown, the line between the two is very evident once regrowth starts, and would be a huge challenge for this product to cover up. Any orange tinge would also be very unforgiving as my hair has a very cool undertone. To see an actual clip of my shock, watch the events unfold in the video I filmed of the application, and for a close up before and after please see the miracle of this product below:






While the coverup is obviously not as flawless as an actual dye job, I think that the performance is outstanding and that this is going to be one of those indespensible products on my vanity for emergency last minute touch ups for when I want to feel my best. The actual product seems to be made with light reflecting particles (almost like a highlighter) and once you’ve combed through it a little and let it dry and settle on your hair, the cover up is pretty impressive! The line between light and dark is nicely masked and the colour of the pigment is cool enough that it doesn’t look noticeable on me. As I mention in the review I filmed, I still think that you would be ‘safer’ using this product at night so that it is more undetectable, but if you do use it in the daylight, the worst someone may think if you don’t perfectly blend it, is that you’ve used a bit too much dry shampoo. In terms of longevity, I applied this in the morning before work and wore my hair down to see if the movement of my hair would displace it quickly, but it seems to have a slightly ‘sticky’ property to it which helps it to grip to the hair and not budge. When I sprayed it on my palm and allowed it to dry, it gave a bit of resistance to rubbing off, which makes me think that Everpro obviously had given thought to this element, and by the end of the day, although the colour had faded, the effect was still very much there! Obviously your hair will feel slightly gritty when using this product, much like when you use dry shampoo, so don’t expect it to feel silky soft, but it sure does improve a bad regrowth look!

I will leave you to ponder whether or not the pricetag is warranted for the performance, but this could definitely be a tool for stretching the time in between salon visits. Also if any of you go and test drive the brunette version, please let me know how it goes! I am so intrigued by this brand now and I’m dying to know what else they will release in the future that may revolutionize this damn maintenance cycle of having regrowth?!

Lots of love always, Cait XO

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