Hi all my beauties,

I ventured across the ocean a little while ago for work, and before I departed for colder territories I decided that seeing as I tolerate the cold worse than most, and because I was feeling more than apprehensive regarding heading into -5° weather, I would invest in a really decent jacket of some discription. Last year I bought my first proper leather jacket from Zara, and this year I decided to delve into the trench coat realm. Although, I didn’t just opt for the traditional route this time round of a standard camel shade… You see, when I saw this orangey red beauty on the racks of H&M, it was love at first sight. The weight of the jacket is quite incredible – its super hefty – which quite honestly makes it feel even that much more luxurious. Between the ruby colour and the luxe weight, when I flipped over the price tag to see that it was retailing for just over R 1000, it went straight into my shopping cart.



Boy, was I grateful when walking around a sub-zero Europe that I had made the call to buy it, as its perfect for jazzing up an otherwise drab winter outfit, and because I upsized it to fit my lanky arm length, I actually could layer an entire other trench coat underneath it as well, so that I was extra warm. I know we are only just heading into autumn in South Africa, but I am already dusting off my cold weather layers and preparing. As John Snow said, “Winter is coming…” and hell I plan on being stylishly snug this time round! Also, these french beret and page boy caps doing the rounds at the moment, are totally my vibe. I flippen love a good hat, and this one from Topshop is a new favourite.



I hope you all have a stunning day wherever you are, and a safe and happy weekend.


Love, Caits


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