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Gosh, this is without a doubt going to be one of the definitive reasons as to why I am never included on PR lists. I have tried a couple times to write this post in a forgiving manner, but at the end of the day I am obligated to my readers and not to brands and so have just decided to call it as I see it:

This range is disappointing – save your pennies.

So let me first preface this by saying that I have all the respect in the world for a local brand trying to make an all-inclusive and accessible range for the South African market. Globally, we don’t often see the effort of making sure an entire range of skin tones is catered for. I also understand that being a smaller brand (in relation to the international giants) means that your cost per unit will naturally be higher, and therefore the products will be priced at a slight premium. That being said, I am also not willing to pay ballooned prices for lacklustre quality.

A bunch of other SA bloggers had raved about this range, and I wanted to do a comprehensive review, so bought almost R2000.00 from their shelves, which launched in Clicks country wide almost 2 months ago. I will include the link to my Youtube video at the end of this post where you can watch for yourself and see how the products applied and my first impressions of some of the items performance, but for those of you who want a little more detail on just how and why this went so terribly wrong for me, keep reading…

Let’s start with the complexion products – the primer had an ingredient list packed with various types of Dimethecon, which as an ingredient can be great for smoothing the appearance of fine lines and textured skin, can also cause breakouts in those of us that suffer with problematic skin. To see a couple different varieties in the ingredient list made me concerned, and although it was reasonably priced, I honestly didn’t notice an improvement in my pore appearance nor in the longevity of my makeup, so this is a pass for me. I also don’t see how this is an item that can supposedly be ‘worn alone’ if it has a slight tint to it which I would expect to look odd on those with deeper skin tones?


The foundation was appalling. I tried the ‘Cover and Go’ foundation which is supposed to be medium to full coverage in the shade ‘Buff’ which cost a steep R299.95 (that’s half of Bobbi Brown prices fam). The colour pulled incredibly yellow on my skin tone and the packaging is supremely odd – I am not a fan of the little crooked spatula inside which does not serve to ease the application of foundation to your face in any way, shape or form. In fact, it actually makes applying it very awkward and the consistency is tacky on the skin for ages after putting it on, even after setting it with a powder. And although the base layers on top of itself with no problem, I couldn’t build it to a full coverage at all and had my pigmentation peeking through visibly. The concealer in the top was criminally bad and slipped and slid all over the place without doing any covering whatsoever. I attempted to use it under my eyes which resulted in very odd wet looking under eyes which creased like cray.

The liquid highlighter was okay. It was too dark for my skin tone and blended out into nothing, but was a nice consistency. Whether it is worth the R149.95 I paid for it… I am not so sure, as they have competitor products at NYX and L’Oreal for around R150.00 and their stuff comes in a variety of shades and has some real punch behind the glow…

The ‘Shimmer and Glow’ bronzer I had very high hopes for, however imparts a red tinge when swept across the cheeks (I think due to the middle shade included in the compact, and unfortunately very quickly turns muddy. I personally prefer a matte bronzer over a shimmer and I feel the ‘highlight’ portion of the colours was an okay performer but didn’t blow my socks off. This also carried a steeper price point than I think is fair, a total of R259.99


IMG_5011The blush was a nightmare and crazy overpriced for what you get – ringing in a whopping R169.95 for 3.5grams! The sponge stamp applicator included in the lid is a terrible idea and can’t applying the product nicely, no matter how expert you are at makeup, and unfortunately when using the product alone with a normal blush brush, the powder grabs to certain areas and is not the easiest to blend (a pity because I really liked the ‘Fiesta Flush’ shade I picked up).

Onto the eyeshadow quad, which was R179.95. It also came with a totally useless applicator that no-one should ever use and had such poor quality shadows with little to no colour pay off, only insulted further by the fact that they faded almost as fast as you apply them.

I was irritated at this point that I had wasted so much money, and had the final blow delivered by literally the worst gloss known to man. I feel so strongly about this particular item, as it is a makeup product you put close to your mouth, and therefore can be easily ingested. After applying it I immediately noticed the heavy chemical scent which was unpleasant. I then observed that the gloss collected in every fine line in my lip which served to make them look way less plump than desired. But the fact that after 5 mins of wearing it I could taste the perfume strongly in the back of my throat alarmed me and caused me to remove it immediately. The colour was average and the fact that this costs a whole R129.95 is day light robbery for what you get.


I am sorry to be such a bearer of bad news, but this range left me very disappointed as I had high hopes for a quality local brand we could trust. Feel free to browse their range online for yourself if you wish and make your own decisions:

And also let me know if you have tried other products from their range and had better luck. Should I give another local brand like ‘Florma’ a bash next and put them through the ringer too?

Until next time, lotsa lurve, Cait x

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