Girly Girl In A Hard Hat

Hi all my friends,

I thought that it was about time that I clarify something for all of you, because I feel like often people see my online ‘persona’ and don’t get the full picture/spectrum. I have, as of this year, given a lot more attention to my online platforms and devoted both way more time (and quite honestly money) into sharing a little slice of my life in a creative manner. The content I produce is based on my hobbies and extracuricular activities, which when complied on a Instgram page or blog looks a lot like a makeup and lifestyle influencer. But there is another side to my ‘lifestyle’, which up until now I didn’t think was interesting enough to people to bring into the arena, and wanted to put out there as it is the critical analytical ying to the girly yang you all see.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Those close to me all know that I am a girly girl in a hard hat – equal parts creative and construction. I refer to the building industry in broad terms because of the nature of the company I work for, which has its fingers in all the proverbial property pies. Primarily, I work within the manufacture of construction materials segment and dabble in project management of various types, and this keeps me on my toes and challenges me in all the right ways. I am the type of person who loves grappling with large, complex issues and creating systems and solutions for problems. It’s the thrill of managing the chaos in the construction field, balanced with the calm of cosmetics industry, that keeps me sane. For the last 2 and a half years I have been grafting hard for my firm, and was rewarded in February with a trip with them to Germany and Belgium. It was a milestone in more than one way for me, and a total paradigm shift occured afterward for me. I realised that I am the type of person who actually needs both polar opposite sides in my life. See, I adore makeup, homeware and fashion, but I enjoy it because dressing up using fashion and makeup is transformative in a way that can make you feel like a new person. If I had to dedicate my full day to it though, I would be totally bored, and that is where the rough construction environment serves to activate a totally seperate side of my interests and brain. Sure, its annoying not to have the flexible hours everyone else has for content creation, but I’m slowly finding ways around that, and I feel like the average woman these days is hustling in all arenas of her life, so why shouldn’t I? Even if the two worlds I am combining couldn’t seem more different.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

There’s something to be said for choosing this particular path I am on. Before I got into the blogging scene I had my nails sharpened and core values tested in the male dominated construction industry. It’s hardened me and given me a self confidence I didn’t have before, which I feel are unfortunately attributes I need in order to face the beauty community. I was always weary of stepping into that realm due to the notorious two-faced bitchiness associated with it – which is behaviour I do not tolerate well. These days, due to the trials and tribulations of my job, I am incredibly self assured, measured and to the point when facing conflict and critism, because it has to be your nature in the building industry to be flexible and able to adapt to rapid changes. Literally everyone is always shouting at one another over something or another, so I’m also well versed with ‘hate’ and people being frustrated and taking it out on you.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So, this post is dedicated to the pursuit of excelling in both spheres of my life. I’d like to grow in both industries in a parallel manner and prove to women everywhere that you can dominate in a male environemnt, while wearing your red lipstick, and thrive. I strongly believe that in the future I will maintain both elements of my personality and activities with equal enthusiasm, as they act together to sycronise my soul. Let me know if there are two contradictory aspects of your life that you juggle and why you’ve chosen them, I’m very interested in who else walks this weird path.

Curious about anything I’ve mentioned and wanna chat? Comment down below and I’ll answer any questions you may have!

Suit top – Zara, Suit pants – Forever New, Heels – Missguided, Hoops – ByCaraLee

Love always,


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