Biovene Barcelona

Hi everybody,

I have a super exciting post today about a skincare item that will no doubt revolutionise my ‘treat yo self’ days. I absolutely love skincare, and as someone who has battled with acne and other skin ailments all my life, I spend quite a bit of time and money trying to improve my skin. So when it comes to really going to town on my skin, there is no better way to treat it than with a mask. I vary between different type depending on my skins requirements, but my two standards are always a detoxifying/impurity removing one and a deeply nourishing one. The only thing about masks are that they truly are the most annoying thing to remove. I am more often than not left with a huge smear of clay of gritty mask stuck in a place I can’t see and then discovering it 3 days later under my chin.

That brings me to Biovène’s Charcoal Magnet Mask which is no doubt the next generation of face masks. This revolutionary removal method involves (you guessed it) an actual magnet. The amazing thing about this is that it made removing it so so easy! This is due to the iron particles that are in the mask which allow it to be magnetic and able to be removed in literally one swipe. It’s been developed to counter the effects of environmental toxins, stress and daily residue that may cause premature aging. Utilizing electromagnetic currents, the Magnet Mask draws out impurities, relaxes and helps your skin achieve a glowing appearance.


Let me tell you though… It’s more than a slightly weird sensation removing this thing! As the magnet pulls the mask off your skin your flesh lifts too and it’s a very unusual feeling! See my below youtube video to see my shock at the effect it gives you.

Once you’ve removed the mask you massage your face with the remaining oils, vitamins and minerals to nourish, moisturize and tighten for youthful-looking skin. I’ve been using mine twice a week and have been loving how my skin feels afterwards. The packaging is super cute and comes with the necessary spatula and magnet as well as sheets to remove the mask, and it’s got roughly eight uses I would think per jar. You can shop it for €25,00at


So to round it up, the below are some of the awesome effects you can expect after using this mask:

  • Makes the skin look radiant.
  • Leaves skin tighter and more lifted.
  • Gives the skin toned and youthful look.
  • Leaves skin tighter and firmer.
  • Helps lift away impurities.
  • Makes the skin look purified and detoxified.
  • Gives vitality to the skin.
  • Leaves the skin softened.
  • Makes your skin re-energized and revitalized.
  • Makes skin look smoothed.
  • Creates a more glowing complexion.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates your skin.
  • Appearance of the skin improves visibly after application of the mask.


Is this something you would be keen to try?! Let me know i the comments below!


XO Cait

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