Starting the new year with Heliocare Gelcream Colour

Well 2019 didn’t start as planned (when do they ever). The 2nd of January had me rushing to the emergency room to find out my poor mother had broken her leg in two places after taking a tumble dowwn the mountain. That, combined with the fact that this coming weekend I’m a bridesmaid at one of my oldest friends weddings, means that I have had a less than smooth sailing start to the year. Between caring for my mom, starting back up at work, and doing last minute DIYs for the impending nuptuals,  I haven’t much time at all for myself, and when I do carve out a spare hour, I’ve opted for sleep or relaxation to try and get my bearings back. I have a profound new respect for parents, and in particular single mothers (like my own) who manage to hold down careers and cook, clean and care for another person or persons day in and day out, ’cause this shit is EXHAUSTING. This patch has brought a whole new perspective to the amount of time a woman with a full plate has to actually care for herself, and what kind of priorities take precedent when you’re juggling multiple demands.

With that being said, on a day to day basis I’ve found that simplicity in my makeup routine has taken a front seat, and more often than not I’m reaching for products that are able to jump from lip to cheek, or from eye to eyebrow, to cut down on the time I spend on my face in the mornings. A friend of mine, Ashlea, had passed on her tube of Heliocare Gelcream Colour in Light (R350.00 on Dermastore) to me over the holiday period as her sensitive skin reacted in a rash when she tried it in December for the first time. Cautiously I tried it out to see whether my skin was more compatible with it, and thankfully it was! Immediately I was pleasantly surprised that a suncream performed so well at evening out my skin colour, and left the skin both covered and protected. I’ve found that facial sunscreens don’t always place nice with makeup products, causing them to move around so I’ve often skipped them entirely (naughty I know), but this particular product was offering me the perks of a lightweight BB cream or foundation, with the added benefit of protecting my skin. I found the ‘Light’ shade a decent match to my skin tone (roughly a MAC Nw25 for reference), but it does oxidize slightly once dried.

The formula feels breathable and super light on my skin and the lasting power is decent if I set it with a little powder. The one massive drawback I’ve found is that if it comes in contact with water or fluid, it reacts and turns a weird milky colour and dissolves completely leaving the skin bare. Which if you’re a violent teeth brusher or messy water drinker, is less than ideal because you get a clown like a circle around the mouth where the colour of the Gelcream has worked itself off. This also may be disastrous for you if you happen to be a top lip sweater…

However, that aside I’ve found myself substituting my daily foundations for this product more and more often, using either a concealer to spot conceal my problem areas, or applying a much lighter layer of foundation over it than I usually would on days I feel I need a little more coverage. It’s a quicker and easier process for my daily routine, and I’ve really enjoyed the glowy finish it leaves on my skin. This is definitely NOT the solution to evening makeup looks, as the factor 50 protection level will give you serious flashback in photos, and like I mentioned earlier, any sweat worked up on the dancefloor just may cause your foundation to do weird things.

All the above being said, this girl will always have a love affair with full coverage skin products that make me look like a plastic mannequin, so as much as I have enjoyed this product, I do think it has a time and a place, and all the other times I’ll revert back to my old ways. Please see below for a very raw unedited picture of the product after 6 hours at the office – not bad!

Hope you all have a lovely week! All my love always, Cait x

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