DIY: How I do my own acrylic nails

I told you already, I’m committing to creating content this year – so that means another blogpost already! The operative word in the previous sentence being ‘create’, I intend on channeling all my creativity in one direction this year – towards myself. I’ve been expending my energy and creativity on other people and their interests for far too long, so I’m intrigued to see what happens when I turn it back in my direction and focus on things that excite and inspire me? And what better way to start the process than by creating a digital collage of myself?! (Next goal is to make myself into a GIF).

Girl holding coffee mug collage

That being said, doing my nails has always been a reverent moment for me, and a practical reason to pause in my crazy life and to focus on something minor that’s all for me. I treat it as a mental health time out and make sure to slow down and practice a small gesture of self-care to myself every two weeks.

And while I love this ritual, it definitely stemmed purely because I’ve always been that babe who wants affordable alternatives to typical ‘splurges’. One such thing for me, has been going to get my nails done. Three years ago I started out doing my own nails and I’ve loved the flexibility and ease with which I can quickly make sure I look polished (excuse the pun) and professional.

It’s not really something that is easy to explain over blog post, so I thought I would drive right in with a video to show you how I DIY my own acrylic nails. For your ease of reference, I’ve included the links to the products I’ve used and loved for years. I must say that ever since using the Mavala nailpolish, in particular, a couple of years ago, I’ve been loving using their range as they never chip, fade or get overly gloopy in the bottle after a handful of uses. My go to shades are: Via Veneto, Orchid and Jasper.

Products mentioned:

Kiss Active Square Nails and Glue –… Mavala Nail Polish in ‘Via Veneto’ –…

I hope you’ve enjoyed a slightly different theme to today’s video and blogpost, let me know your thoughts below! CAIT X

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