The Infamous or Instafamous P.Louise Base

I’m hammering out posts faster than ever. What can I say, I’m on a roll and I’ve really been enjoying writing again! Today I wanted to talk about an eyeshadow primer that’s taken the internet by storm. This viral sensation quickly garnered the attention of the internets Youtube darlings, after @mmmmitchel on Instagram started creating videos showing his unique application techniques ontop of a very wet and thick eyeshadow base. He would pack on the medium tone transition colour and layer the colour densely on top of itself before even considering blending. This tactic was the direct opposite of the gentle build-up of layers most professionals use, and resulted in intense vibrant looks that took full advantage of the pigment in the eyeshadows.

Being a sucker for any over-hyped products, I had to get my hands on it to see what wondrous things it did for my makeup game, so I went ahead and purchased the second lightest shade “Rumour 0.5” for £10.00 (roughly R175.00 not including shipping and customs, which collectively brought the whole amount to around R230.00). I thought the pricing was fair for how much you get in the tube, particularly as this is marketed as a high coverage product so my logic would assume a little goes a long way. The shipping took a little long, but that mostly had to do with the crappy South African postal service, and they sent along a freebee eyeshadow which was lovely of them.


When it came to the application I found the texture to be creamy and thick, with a distinct tacky residue once buffed across the eyelid. I went in with a red pigment and was initially hesitant about the packing on of colour so vigorously, however it all came together once I started buffing the colour out, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how well the vibrancy held because it had been packed on so thoroughly. The general rule in makeup is that you ‘set’ your cream and liquid products with a powder, so it makes sense then that using the eyeshadow to ‘set’ the shadow will give it supercharged staying power too?

Generally speaking, I found that this is a little too heavy of a base to be wearing on a day-to-day basis, but for those nights out on the town it certainly has become invaluable for keeping my makeup in one place the whole night through. I have included a photo below of a makeup look I did for an evening out so that you can see just how vibrant the pigments are ontop of the base

Anyway, I basically only have the best things to say about this product, and I can’t wait to try out more from their range! Let me know below your thoughts and whether you have also tried and enjoyed it as much as I have!?

XO Cait

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