Foshini All Women Makeup Launch

Hi lovely people, today I have an exciting new snippet of information to share with you – Foshini has launched an #AllWomen in house makeup range. They have an existing beauty and skincare department, so it’s not a totally uncalled for addition to their stable, and this is a move that other retailers have followed before with their own in-house brands. The whole concept behind the launch is that “It’s not makeup, it’s war paint”, which is meant to mean that the range can give power and strength to those wearing it and dealing with life’s challenges. It’s also a declaration of self expression and confidence, which I can totally attest to. My only criticism up front is that unfortunately the hashtag excludes males from feeling involved, and we all know that in 2019 men in beauty are killing it, so I do feel like that was a slight oversight from the brand side.

With the products they’ve launched, they’ve managed to cover the majority of the makeup basics – all the way from foundation, powder, brows, lipsticks and mascara, with a good sprinkling of palettes in between. They didn’t stop there though, Foshini also launched tools like brushes and sponges while they were at it! There’s been careful consideration in the product mix and the fact that they’ve launched a full range of 40 shades of foundation means that they’ve really are endeavoring to cater for the deeper complexions that are sadly often skipped over by brands (also can brands stop being problematic about this in this day and age?!).

I was lucky enough to of been invited to the Cape Town event, where we were spoiled with a lovely brunch and a selection of goodies to take home with us. Naturally that means I wanted to follow up with test driving and reviewing all the products that I got, so without further ado I bring you my new video (because a picture can’t always say a thousand words, but a video sure can). Buckle up, because it is a long one!

If you’re looking for prices, the following is what I was able to find below:


Direct links to products mentioned:

Foshini All Women Foundation – R249.00

Foshini All Women Defining Mascara – R119.00

Foshini All Women Moisture Lip – R95.00

Foshini All Women Lip Stain – R95.00

Foshini All Women Blush Palette – R180.00

Foshini All Women Highlight Palette – R180.00

Foshini All Women Brow Kit – R195.00

Foshini All Women Ombre Lip – R99.00

(All product & event pictures courtesy of the TFG Group)

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