The Image Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser

It’s voting day here in South Africa, and coincidentally the coldest and most miserable day in Cape Town, which suits me just fine because I can stay tucked up in bed now that I’ve got my thumb stained from casting my ballots. So while I’m swaddled in blankets, quilts and have the heater running full blast, I thought I would dedicate the latter half of my day to telling you about my favourite luxe face wash.

A while ago I visited the Chelsea Health and Beauty Spa in Chelsea Village for a facial peel, and after my treatment I was coaxed into buying some items from a skincare range I hadn’t tried before: IMAGE. In the bundle I picked up, there was a moisturiser and serum from the the Vital C range, but the smash hit favourite from the trio was the cleanser. It’s suitable for every skin type, but is particularly amazing for a post peel sensitive skin moment. As soon as you start massaging it into your skin you can feel the instant soothing and calming effect of it’s intensely moisturizing formula. It has a very rich and creamy consistency and yet doesn’t cling to your skin or make you feel oily, instead you just get a beautifully balance feeling on your skin.

It is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, obviously being the most highly concentrated in Vitamin C, which is actually present in a pharmaceutical-grade level of 15%! That, along with peptides, hyaluronic acid and other anti-inflammatory ingredients, means your skin is left feeling plump, soft and supple after use.

This cleanser also doubles as a makeup remover, however I’d recommend using Micellar water or something else first to get the majority of it off so that your skin can reap the full benefits of this cleanser when you go in and use this second. I often also semi-mask with it and after massaging it into my skin for 5 mins, I’ll leave it on for a further 15 to really give my skin the chance to absorb some of the goodness. All in all, even at the hefty R530.00 that it cost, I have really been enjoying using it and feel like my skin always looks and feels better after using it.

I can only find it sold online on the Chelsea website at the moment, but if I find further links I’ll be sure to include them below (

Wishing you all the best for the rest of the week, Caits x

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