A ‘candid’ Revlon Review

I have a wee confession to make. I haven’t really ever experimented with Revlon products up until this point. Well that’s not entirely true, I’ve bought a blush or lipstick here or there, just haven’t found myself getting really into the offerings they have. Until now that is!

It seems as if brands are starting to coin onto the new wave of ‘skincare-like’ makeup that is becoming ever so popular due to it’s lightweight feel on the skin, all the additional benefits of serums etc and the less full coverage appearance on the skin. With that being said, I wanted to show you the new ‘Candid’ range launched by Revlon, which promises all the pro’s of using a skincare item, with the added benefit of getting some decent coverage out of it too. As someone who has never really favoured BB Creams or tinted moisturizers, on paper this didn’t sound like a product I’d be excited over, but I was so wrong.

First off let’s chat about product packaging and pricing. The packaging is extremely similar to a lot of items launching recently such as the NYX Bare With Me Foundation. They both share minimalist blush toned exteriors and a sleek easy to recognize design (well not so recognizable now seeing as the two brands have come out with identical packaging). Despite that, I really like the break away from the stock standard black and white square containers so synonymous with Revlon’s typical bottles and compacts, and think the feel is a lot more youthful and playful. The pricing on the stuff I picked up was not bad either – although I did pick up that in the foundation you are getting below standard amount (30ml BTW) of product which could account for the lower pricepoint?

The ‘Rose Glow’ primer has become a daily favourite, the little oil beads in the product make sure that your skin feels supple, moisturized and perfectly primed for makup. The retail price of R249 still feels a little steep for me personally, particularly as it doesn’t fill or reduce the appearance of pores or fine lines, but it does leave your skin wonderfully glowy.

Naturally I did a full review over on my Youtube channel in which you can see the application, longevity and I discuss a whole bunch of other factors I think are relevant, but I thought I should also hero the products a little bit so I snapped a few photos as well. Peep them below along with links to where you can shop it online in SA!

Rose Glow Primer – R249

Revlon Candid Foundation – R129.99

Revlon Candid Concealer – R129.99

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