Candibod x Nanuki Truffles November 4, 2019 - I love being able to come on my platforms and talk about friends endeavors. I’ve actually gotta start doing it more, I have some incredible people around me doing outstanding things and I’d really like to give them more air time! With that being said, I’m so happy to give you a first look at … Continue reading Candibod x Nanuki Truffles
Lieben Gin March 29, 2019 - I used to be an adolescent/young adult with absolutely no concept nor care for the nuances in alcoholic drinks. When you first discover alcohol I think it’s somewhat a right of passage to select the most sickly sweet and distasteful cheap garbage, because the outcome was the tipsiness you were chasing, and not so much … Continue reading Lieben Gin
Girly Girl In A Hard Hat May 2, 2018 - Hi all my friends, I thought that it was about time that I clarify something for all of you, because I feel like often people see my online ‘persona’ and don’t get the full picture/spectrum. I have, as of this year, given a lot more attention to my online platforms and devoted both way more … Continue reading Girly Girl In A Hard Hat
Fireball March 23, 2018 - Hi all my beauties, I ventured across the ocean a little while ago for work, and before I departed for colder territories I decided that seeing as I tolerate the cold worse than most, and because I was feeling more than apprehensive regarding heading into -5° weather, I would invest in a really decent jacket … Continue reading Fireball
Misty morning musings November 13, 2017 - I’ve had an exceptionally testing start of my week. Besides having to rewrite this blogpost three times (here’s looking at you wordpress), I have been booked off work for two days due to an adverse reaction to a makeup item over the weekend. Whenever you are in a place where your body is just not … Continue reading Misty morning musings
Summer in Simon’s Town November 6, 2017 - Hi all you lovely people, Growing up I had a highschool sweetheart who had an incredible gem of a beach holiday house in the secluded Simon’s Town, just a short 40 minute drive from the bustling suburbs. In actual fact, the beautiful Boulders Beach was where we met one fateful sunny day in December ‘o7, … Continue reading Summer in Simon’s Town
Waking Up NA-KD October 30, 2017 - Hi there lovlies, Today I am reflecting on one of the busier months I’ve ever had. The funny thing is, if you told me during university days that I would be working this hard at chasing dreams, I wouldn’t of thought I was capable of pushing myself in the ways I am at the moment. … Continue reading Waking Up NA-KD
Big Blouses October 4, 2017 - So, I used to think the big shoulder pad trend of the ’80s was beyond dated and totally not for me. These days though, you can find me on the constant hunt for the biggest sleeve silohettes I can find. I have already waxed lyrical about my love for the bell sleeve, but I have … Continue reading Big Blouses
August 30, 2015 - There has been many a new trend forecast for the upcoming Spring season, however the one I am most anticipating are the shoe styles currently dominating my instagram feed. I particularly like how high some of the styles go up the calf, there is something incredibly flattering about that. Not sure if the throwback to … Continue reading